Kind Words & Results

Kind Words & Results

People who have worked with me say that they use what they learned in our sessions every day to make their lives more fulfilling.

Here are some more kind words from some amazing people that I’ve had the privilege of working with, and the results they’ve experienced from engaging in my Coaching Programs.

(I don’t post testimonials from counseling/therapy clients due to privacy issues.)


“I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn and her services to anyone that is seeking clarity, direction and usable tools for creating their best life. Working with Dawn was my best investment in years…I was immediately able to make shifts in my thinking, discernment, and actions, which has brought more empowerment, excitement, and confidence as I go through my day. Dawn is an exceptional human being, teacher, and guide. She brought great skill, experience, genuineness, humor and non-judgment, as she guided me in exploring my core values, desires, and goals for this life journey. I now have a working life map to help guide my daily choices and decisions. I can’t say enough about Dawn and her coaching, and the tremendous and quick impact the experience has had in my life. I will most definitely be referring my clients, friends, and family!”

~Kathy D. Baltes, LCSW


“I think that people wander a lot in search of something, something to fulfill their needs, but they don’t really know what they’re searching for. Now I don’t feel like I’m searching any more. This process helped me define what it is I value in myself, in others, who I want to be, and how I intend to get there. The clarity and self-awareness I gained in the sessions has led me to making conscious decisions daily based on where I want to go. As it relates to work, it helped define the kind of supervisor and coworker I respect, and in turn define the qualities it takes to be that person myself.

The biggest help for me is that Dawn is very clear, concise, and insightful and she gives you honest feedback. I think people don’t know how to look at themselves or what’s important, so Dawn asks specific questions that help you figure things out that you didn’t even know you had to figure out.

Dawn, I need you to know that I feel I have learned more from you in your materials, your thought provoking questions, the required introspection, and the time talking through it all than I have in thousands of dollars and two years of other personal development work.

~Tammy Sarchi


“Because I knew Dawn before our sessions, I already had confidence in her abilities and special talent for helping people. The concepts I learned in the sessions were to me such an eye opener. She was able to help me organize my thoughts so that I could take concrete steps toward my goals. Before I talked with Dawn, the idea of growing my business felt overwhelming, but after going through the first two sessions, I felt excited and confident that I could move in a positive direction. Dawn’s comforting tone of voice and demeanor helped me to understand that success wasn’t beyond my grasp. In fact, once I learned about how to apply the ideas to planning and reaching my goals, quite frankly, I felt like I could conquer the world. It was affirming and empowering. When Dawn asked if I felt like I could move forward with my plan after the second session, I answered with a resounding yes. Dawn has a unique, accessible, and remarkable way of helping people organize their thoughts around succeeding in business and I would recommend this process to anyone who is seeking a positive change in their personal or business life.”

~Tamara Ben-Kiki, TBK Mediation Services


“Eye opening! At a cross-road in my life, and too caught up in the stress of everyday life to realistically map out how to get to where I wanted to be in my life, I asked Dawn for some guidance. Using what I value and personally find important in life as my guide, Dawn helped me set up a game plan based on simple, attainable goals. They are small, stress-free steps that give me small wins everyday and keep me moving in a positive direction toward the life I desire. When you see those little successes you tend to stay with something. And the plan was something I could take and put into use right away. I’m not really a “get in touch with your feelings” type of guy, so what was good about it, is it makes you do a little soul searching, but Dawn lets you decide how deep you want to go with it, how you want to tailor it to your needs. It’s all up to you and very personalized. Dawn is great to work with and provides a realistic, insightful and stress-free way to improve your life. Highly recommended!”

~Kyle Boylan


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