Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions are basically individual coaching sessions. Although I don’t call what I do Life Coaching specifically because of stylistic differences, Strategy Sessions are a type of Coaching, and I use the terms interchangeably.

Some people want to continue working with me in a coaching capacity after they complete one of my Coaching Programs. Others prefer a more self-directed coaching approach as opposed to the structure/curriculum of my Coaching Programs. Strategy Sessions work well in either case.

Strategy Sessions are for people who are generally handling what’s going on in their relationships, work, and health effectively but want to make their lives the best they can be and create even more meaningful, fulfilling lives.

In Strategy Sessions, I integrate evidence-based approaches (meaning: research says that they work) with a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Training, which includes many mindfulness strategies and tools.

Strategy Sessions Help With:

  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Ending procrastination, increasing focus and follow-through, and becoming more productive
  • Feeling more grounded and centered
  • Developing meaningful goals and reaching them
  • Changing bad habits and developing healthy practices
  • Developing greater self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Prioritizing and figuring out what to do next in your life
  • Reducing vulnerability to stress
  • Getting “unstuck” and “un-yucked” in any area of life
  • Handling life transitions and curveballs
  • Generally getting out of your own damn way.

As a result of engaging in Strategy sessions, you can:

  • Experience greater self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Build healthier relationships—couples, family, parenting, and social circle
  • Create a more satisfying work and career life
  • Take action toward greater health and overall well-being
  • Live a more purpose-full, meaningful, full-of-life life.

What Happens in Strategy Sessions:

In Strategy Sessions, I provide teaching, guiding, mentoring, and consulting (not therapy), for you to learn and apply skills, tools, strategies, habits, and practices to help you make your work/career, relationships, and health/wellness the best they can be. Sessions may include guided learning, exercises, discussion, and collaboration as well as self-study material such as audio recordings and worksheets.

We will likely not talk much about the past as we might in Counseling Sessions; the focus will be on the present and the future. We won’t spend much time talking about all the details your life as we might in counseling, but will instead touch on the major themes and move along quickly. We will likely not talk about why things are the way they are, but focus more on moving forward toward where you want to go.

Strategy Sessions would not be appropriate for helping with certain problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions/substance abuse, sleeping or eating problems, anger outbursts, excessive irritability, or impulsive/risk-taking behavior, among other things. If you are looking for help with one of these problems, please take a look at my Counseling/Therapy page and consider working with me in that capacity instead.


Who & Where
Strategy Sessions are one-to-one meetings for adults 18 and older, held in-person (for those who live near or are willing to travel to my office in Portland, Maine), or over the phone or webcam. Because Strategy/Coaching Sessions are not therapy, you can work with me in this capacity wherever you live.

Phone and Webcam Sessions
Sessions held over the phone or webcam are offered for people who live outside my local area (Portland, Maine), and are also ideal for people who may live in my area but want to save travel time, want to do sessions when they are away from home, or just prefer doing sessions in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Strategy Sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time as needed. I generally schedule Strategy Sessions Mondays between 12:00pm and 6:00pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm, and Fridays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Sessions are available in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute blocks.

Some people need only a few sessions to reach their goals, while others prefer to have several sessions spread over a number of months. Sometimes people move from more frequent sessions to less frequent as we go, and then schedule monthly or as-needed for a check-in or “booster” session.

During our “Is this a fit?” call, we can discuss how many sessions might be good to start out with to get the maximum benefit, but how often and how long a period of time you engage in Strategy Sessions will always be up to you.

The cost for Strategy Sessions are as follows:

60-minute session: $100
45-minute session: $75
30-minute session: $50

You can save $$ by buying a number of sessions at one time:
Package of 3 60-minute sessions: $275
Package of 4 60-minute sessions: $350
Package of 5 60-minute sessions: $425
Package of 6 60-minute sessions: $500

Health insurance does not pay for Strategy Sessions because they are not psychotherapy and do not require a diagnosis of a mental health condition.

Where to Start

Contact me to schedule a 15-minute complimentary “Is This a Fit?” phone call to get started. We will get all your questions answered during the call and if we find that Strategy Sessions are a good fit for you, we will schedule your first session. Please feel free to Contact Me by email or phone if you have a quick question. (I can get back to you most easily/quickly by email: dawn[at]dawnstratton[cot]com.)

To find out more details about Counseling Sessions instead, click here. If you want to read more before you schedule your call, you can take a look at what people have had to say about me and my services on my Kind Words & Results page. You can also download some free goodies on my Free Stuff page or read a few blog posts here.